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Our Brands

We offer a wide range of products under our established brands in Europe:

NEWTRALABS - a Swiss Brand of nutraceutical products 

TAKE2B - modern lifestyle consumer health products 

HEMPOPTIM - a brand of products developed from our proprietary ingredient HempOptim 

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TAKE2B was awarded as a new innovative product by the leading industry organization Vitafoods at Geneva event, 2015


Portfolio of Products

Modern consumers are always looking for balance between work and leisure. On the one hand, they are busy and hard working. On the other hand, they want to look and feel better. To achieve this, they strive for greater control over themselves and their lives. Therefore, at every level, they require comprehensive, top-quality solutions that will respond to their growing needs – solutions that perfectly fit their individual needs, while being simple and easy to use.


For this purpose, we have created TAKE2B®.


TAKE2B is a new Swiss brand of dietary supplements that meets the global health trends of today’s generation. TAKE2B includes six superior, high-quality products that are the result of scientific research dedicated to active people who face the daily challenges of today's world.


Each one has been perfectly designed for one of the six major spheres of life of a modern, dynamic consumer.


Our Ingredients

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PhytoPoint is one of the pioneers in the production and development of phytocannabinoid-derived products for human and animal health products and ingredients

PhytoPoint has developed proprietary hemp material HempOptim™ compliant with new Novel Food law and very strict EU limits



We also specialize in other innovative phyto-technologies and ingredients

Animal Health

We offer a range of innovative animal health products


Our unique proposition is a tailor-made microcapsule technology that increases bioavailability, provides taste masking and 24 hours controlled release which makes it a perfect match for animals and pets

- taste masking

- controlled release

- odour masking

- improving solubility

- protection and delivery 

- reducing hydro-scopicity

- improving flowability

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Science Lab


in a solution for your brand? 

All our products undergo extensive quality control. We offer all standard shapes and sizes, as well as the filling with oils and difficult suspensions, which is an everyday business to us.


We produce under all relevant quality standards and regulations including GMP.

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